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Modern Functional Programming with Clojure

Clojure. That’s a modern functional programming language. Not only the people who just read the book the Unicorn project in which functional programming is discussed wonder about this language. Why is it that functional programming is becoming more and more interesting in the business world now.  I wondered what was behind this hype and therefore got together with my colleagues Ward and Naveen who helped me better understand Clojure. 

In this episode of ThoughtWorks tech talk we take a close look at Clojure. In our discussion we talked about the functional paradigm, look at immutability, why Clojure is thus well suited for parallel processing. 

We also take a look into actual Clojure code starting with a Hello World and closing with how  map-reduce looks like in Clojure How difficult is it to learn Clojure and what can help you to get started? 


Ich freue mich, verkünden zu können, dass ich ab Anfang Januar 2017 für ThoughtWorks arbeiten werde. Meine Aufgabe wird sein, als Client Principal das deutsche und speziell Berliner Geschäft weiter zu entwickeln.
In den vergangenen Wochen habe ich mich intensiv mit ThoughtWorks auseinander gesetzt und hatte viele Gespräche und Interviews mit meinen neuen Kollegen. Dabei haben sie mich mit ihrer Leidenschaft für Technologie und Anspruch, die Industrie weiter zu entwickeln begeistert. Daher war ich geehrt und musste nicht lange überlegen, als ich das Angebot von ThoughtWorks erhalten habe.
Ich freue mich nun auf die Feiertage und auf den Start bei ThoughtWorks im Januar.

English Version: 
I am very happy to announce that I will be starting to work for ThoughtWorks from beginning of January 2017. As client principal it will be my task to further develop the German and especially Berlin market.
Over the past weeks I have been in contact with ThoughtWorks and they impressed me very much with their passion for technology and their ambition to develop the IT industry. I was therefore honored when I received an offer and quickly accepted it.
Now, I am looking forward to the Christmas break and the start with ThoughtWorks in January.