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Distributed Delivery: Game Changer für Software-Exzellenz im großen Maßstab

Offshoring ist für viele eine verlängerte Werkbank für IT-Projekte. Für uns war es das nie. Wir bei ThoughtWorks leben das Konzept der agilen Softwareentwicklung in global verteilten Teams oder auch Distributed Delivery. 

In diesem Webinar diskutiere ich mit David Toborek (Metro Digital), Daniel Loeffelholz (ThoughtWorks), Sven Dittmer (Mercedes-Benz) und Lucy Chambers (ThoughtWorks) über Distributed Software Delivery.

Hier geht es zu Aufzeichnung des Webinars:

Top 20 Mistakes in Agile Offshore Software Delivery

For many years I have been involved in distributed software delivery. At the beginning in a waterfall setup. Since 2017 also in agile distributed delivery. I have seen many engagement fail and also have been part of successful delivery setups. Here’s my personal top 20 list of mistakes in that area.

Nr 20: Involve offshore teams too late
Nr. 19:  Forget to plan enough travel cost
Nr. 18: Forget to invest into communication infrastructure
Nr. 17: Neglect the time zone differences or cultural norms when scheduling ceremonies
Nr. 16: In communications, forget to level the playing field
Nr. 15: Teat all offshore location as „Offshore“
Nr. 14: Missing alignment on the delivery model
Nr. 13: Trying to enforce the same working mode for all teams
Nr. 12: Use the one-size-fits-all delivery model
Nr. 11: Go distributed with the wrong engagement
Nr. 10: Assign the wrong work to the offshore team
Nr. 9: Forget to extend the role model setup
Nr. 8: Deny the language differences 
Nr. 8: Not understanding political and cultural differences across the locations
Nr. 6: Forget the relationship building
Nr. 5: No direct access to users and customers
Nr. 4: Forget the business view 
Nr. 3: Forget to create the big picture for offshore teams
Nr. 2: Offshore teams not on eye-to eye level  
Nr. 1: Do it for the wrong reason, i.e. only look at the price