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Micro Frontends

Micro frontends are an architectural style that take the idea of microservices and apply them on the frontend part of (web) applications. I am talking with Ward Coessens, MengMeng Yan, and Eka Rudianto about their experience with using micro frontends.

We cover the following topics:

  1. Why do you need micro frontends?
  2. The Browser as a development platform
  3. How did we start with micro frontends in 2017?
  4. As a developer, what are your experiences with micro frontends?
  5. Are micro frontends visible to the user?
  6. How do different parts of the frontend communicate?
  7. What’s the relationship between micro frontends and microservices
  8. How does this relate to autonomous, cross-functional teams?
  9. How does it really work?
  10. Should you build you own framework?
  11. Should you now use micro frontends for all your web applications?
  12. How can you ensure a consistent design experience?
  13. How does an interactive component library look like?
  14. Where can you find more information?