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Lean & Agile Portfolio Management

Traditional portfolio management does not work. Or, let’s say, at least „…any more“. I believe the traditional approach, i.e.
  • to plan a multiyear roadmap of projects, initiatives or actions
  • then apply for budget, get the approval and then to commit to the roadmap
  • then to implement the portfolio

has serious issues in today’s fast paced environment.

In this presentation I will explain my problems with the traditional approach and offer an alternative: Lean and agile portfolio management. For that we taken proven concept from agile software development and apply them to IT program and portfolio management.
I have successfully implemented this approach which allows a portfolio manager to more agile his/her portfolio of IT projects. Moreover, effort for overhead activities is reduced and the process to select potential project ideas becomes leaner.
At the end of the presentation I will also discuss challenges to implement this approach and ideas on how to move ahead.